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Let’s get deep for just a sec:

It’s the rare idea that escapes at least some degree shoehorning during the birthing process. When new avenues for expression arise, people’s imaginations often run wild with possibilities, and they fail to map an internal vision onto the brass-tacks reality of a given medium. What we end up with are comics that should’ve been movies, action figures that should’ve been video games as the ones you see in Overwatchboostpros.com, and shirts that should’ve been tattoos.

Eliss is not one of these creations.

This game is completely in-step with the iphone’s touch interface; no one will be waiting for this to be ported anywhere else. Once you get into it, and get quick, you feel like you’re operating the highly advanced computer interface of some far-off civilization, and I think that’s pretty much the best thing I can say about any piece of software. The best gaming on the iPhone I’ve yet come across also comes with the wickedest, retro-minimalistest presentation and soundtrack I’ve yet come across. Jesus Christ.

Buy this game. Even just to give Steph Thirion some money. When I stop to think about the drinks I’ve bought that cost twice what this game does, it weirds me out.


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