General Motors Futurliner Bus

Submitted by on November 8, 2010 Design

There may well be nothing more interesting than gazing at old attempts to reach into the new. So telling, so bold, so brutally dated. No matter what the era, something about retro-futuristic aesthetics make them seem almost bursting with the character, and especially the weaknesses, of the people from that time. Atoms on the hubcaps… it all seemed like such a good idea then. Fools!

So, while this Futurliner Bus probably misses the mark on most every aspect ¬†of quality and performance and safety that I’ve come to expect from a modern road vehicle, it’s nailing me on charm. Why is that? Well, cards on the the table, it’s reminding me of both the Nuka Cola truck from Fallout 3, and this tasty piece of concept art from project Van Buren, the Fallout 3 that never was.

At any rate, I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out what a Futurliner bus looks like while in robot-form.

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