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r4rrA little bit of blatant self-promotion here, but I need a roommate pretty badly.  “How badly?” you ask?  Let’s just say if I don’t find someone by May, I’m dead meat.  We’re a pretty laid back group of individuals, but there’s one aspect we won’t compromise on: absolutely no zombies.



I don’t care if you’re only 1/16th zombie on your mother’s side, you won’t be stepping foot inside my safehouse.

If you’re sure that you’re not undead, and you’re interested in a room in the London, Ontario area, check out this listing.

EDIT: Hi Kotaku!  Thanks to Luke for the gracious writeup.  I’ve had a few people email me, asking if I was serious.  This is a real advertisement for a real room.  No, we’re not all gamers, but everyone has a good sense of humour and can appreciate the joke.  I’m putting the sign up this morning.   I wonder how long it will be before somebody steals it?

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