Favourites: Levis 510s

Submitted by on May 12, 2010 Favourites

As yes, the age old argument of the best pair of jeans. Well, I pick my jeans off the Red Tag rack. Levis 510s are the brands “super skinny”, but don’t let that fool you, these aren’t the painted on tightness of jeans you will find with other brands, they do have some room to them.

Neither I nor Adam are purveyors of washing your jeans unnecessarily. So what we’ve found over here after rigorous testing in the CONVOKE labratories is that a nicely well worn in pair of 510s will fit you like a brand new or just washed 511s, which is right in that sweet spot for jeans. I pretty much wear these jeans every day (about 95%) and they’re still going strong after over 8 months of abuse, showing the quality that your plain old Levis have, and at $75 they really are a steal.

Go grab yourself a pair, throw on a white T, and… strut. It’s just that easy.

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