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Typefight is like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facemash, but for decorative caps.  Every week, designers Ryan Paule and Drew Roper design their own versions of the same character and let the audience decide which one is better.  They’ve even implemented guest fights, pitting pairs of designers against each other in a battle for superior stroke, swash, and spur.

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Typographic Lesson Plan

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“Typography is known for two-dimensional architecture & requires extra zeal within every job.”

Ever wonder what each and every part of every character is called? This poster was put together by Scott BomsGrant Hutchinson, two typographic industry veterans, explains just that. If they manage to do another run you can get them here, otherwise you’ll be left drooling over your computer screen wishing they would.

Scope the images after the break to check the quality of this print; spoiler: it’s letterpress.
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Jessica Hische

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Jessica Hische is a Brooklyn based designer with a penchant for typography. Even the design and illustration sections of her portfolio are pretty type heavy. And why not? She obviously gets it, and her letterforms are interesting enough to warrant that kind of emphasis. Plus, she’s a fan of sriracha, so you know she’s got her head in the right place.  If you’re still skeptical of her dedication to lettering, Hische is also running a sweet project called Daily Drop Cap.

This picture (which is destined to be turned into a print, I’m sure) was one of five she created for Friends of Type, which is home to some pretty sweet design in its own right.

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