Alan Sailer

Submitted by on March 6, 2012 Photography

Alan Sailer from has a pretty sweet gig: not only does he make cool and compelling images as an artist, but he does so by blowing things up.

By using the sound of the explosion to trigger a flash, Sailer manages to freeze his subjects mid-explosion on cheery, colourful backgrounds.

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Eyjafjallajökull Time Lapse

Submitted by on November 11, 2010 Photography

This video by Sean Stiegemeier is beyond awesome.  Long after everyone forgets the volcano that no one could pronounce, I’ll still be drooling over these slow-pans through barren Nordic landscapes.  Of course, it helps that the natural geography of Iceland is like something out of a Terry Brooks novel turned up to eleven, even without the fissure in the earth spitting up never-ending plumes of sulphur and ash.  You could point your camera at pretty much anything up there and walk away with a cinematic epic.


The Dark Lens

Submitted by on November 4, 2010 Photography
the Dark Lens - 1

Not since the Back to the Future II have I wanted something to be true so badly, but despite how legitimate this photo may appear, X-wings are not real… yet.  French photographer Cédric Delsaux is doing a damn good job getting my hopes up with his project the Dark Lens.  It’s a series of photographs that juxtaposes iconic and fantastical characters and vehicles of the Star Wars saga against the only slightly less fantastical backdrop of a burgeoning Dubai.

And it is awesome.  More photos and after the jump.

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