Fast Eddie’s

Submitted by on March 7, 2012 Design

Brilliant logo and identity package by Richard Arthur Stewart of Commoner Inc. He designed logo and graphics for as well. The eagle/comb mashup is witty and powerful, and makes me wish I had thought of it. Read More »



Submitted by on February 9, 2012 Design

I’ve shown off some of Michael Freimuth’s work here before, but I recently rediscovered some design work he did for the Chicago art-journal Proximity while delving into the annals of a tumblr account from yesteryear. The logo itself is really sharp; it’s simple, geometric, and bold, which is a holy trinity as far as I’m concerned.  Not to mention this, it’s vaguely reminiscent of the NFPA hazmat warning stickers that you see in science labs, which gives it extra geek appeal in my books. Read More »


Vintage Twitter

Submitted by on November 16, 2010 Design

Kudos to the marketing guy (or girl!) that came up with this concept.  Apparently, these vintage Twitter boxes were given away at a recent web development conference in Sweden.  They contained 500 Post-It notes and a pencil, which is all you really need to get started.  Now you can make inane, 140-character messages about what you’re having for lunch offline!

Speaking of inane, please follow us.


General Motors Futurliner Bus

Submitted by on November 8, 2010 Design

There may well be nothing more interesting than gazing at old attempts to reach into the new. So telling, so bold, so brutally dated. No matter what the era, something about retro-futuristic aesthetics make them seem almost bursting with the character, and especially the weaknesses, of the people from that time. Atoms on the hubcaps… it all seemed like such a good idea then. Fools!

So, while this Futurliner Bus probably misses the mark on most every aspect  of quality and performance and safety that I’ve come to expect from a modern road vehicle, it’s nailing me on charm. Why is that? Well, cards on the the table, it’s reminding me of both the Nuka Cola truck from Fallout 3, and this tasty piece of concept art from project Van Buren, the Fallout 3 that never was.

At any rate, I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out what a Futurliner bus looks like while in robot-form. On other promotions, please checkout this site if you need fitness help.


Minimalist Back to the Future

Submitted by on November 2, 2010 Design

Will we ever get tired of minimalist movie poster remakes?  Not as long as people like Jamie Bolton continue to produce exceptional posters like these.  Coming up with a simple but recognizable design for a poster is one thing, but to have it apply so elegantly to all three posters in the series is what really sets these apart.

The dots represent the various temporal destinations in the movies.  From left to right we have 1885, 1955, 1985, and 2015, with the fifth, lower dot representing the alternate 1985 where Biff Tannen rules Hill Valley.

You can buy these posters and more via his online store.


Submitted by on October 25, 2010 Design

If you’re anything like me, and by that I mean chronically impatient and compulsive, you might like boxoh.  Not only does it consolidate shipment tracking for services like FedEx and UPS, but it plots the transit route on Google maps with company´s like  It even creates an RSS feed for your package and lets you share the location using twitter or facebook.

Plus, it makes screw-ups like this all the more embarassing.


Blogroll: Arch Daily

Submitted by on May 11, 2010 Design


This may be only for the few out there that really appreciate Architecture. If you do, you should be reading ArchDaily. I’ve added them to my RSS and I’m not even that into it, great images of well designed buildings, however, is one thing I can get behind.



The oldest living thing

Submitted by on February 24, 2010 Design

Trembling GiantsBristle_cone_pine

Interesting diagram on the left, of the worlds oldest trees. The list is dominated by tree colonies, which, in my opinion, aren’t as sweet as single ancient trees. The oldest single tree on record is a bristlecone pine named Prometheus, which we cut down, of course. However, Prometheus is survived by another bristlecone named Methusela, which currently occupies top spot on the oldest-single-living-thing chart at about five thousand years. It’s location is secret, but it probably looks like the bristlecone pictured above, and if I were hiking along and found THAT tree, I would definitely guess that it was special. Whether I’d guess it was older than the pyramids…


Laser Cutters

Submitted by on November 10, 2009 Design


Historically, it’s always been possible to separate society into two groups: the haves and the have-nots.  There is something comforting, almost wholesome, about the simplicity of this fundamental distinction.  Though the composition and breadth of the division varies dramatically from place to place and time to time, there is almost universally a strong feeling of resentment towards people of privilege.

For some, a genetic roll of the dice is to blame.  While being born into an affluent family or nation is based on chance alone, it is not without its own distinct advantages like bein able to afford the best Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller for the kids.  For others, the rewards they reap are a direct manifestation of their hard work and learned ability.  The corporate jet, the corner office: these are the hallmarks of a man who has payed his dues.

And others still, usually as conferred by their academic or professional capacity, have  access to CNC laser cutters.  It is toward this upper echelon of le Beau Monde that we should direct our jealous ire, even those who may be members of other groups of privilege, for they are truly the luckiest of us all.


Italic Poster

Submitted by on November 5, 2009 Design

italicsOkay.  April 2007.  So it’s not exactly breaking news, but it’s not often that I am, at the same time, humbled, saddened, and reassured of the fact that some designers are so much smarter than me.  Something needed to be said.


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