Fan Expo 2011

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Thanks for checking us out.  While you’re out checking out the latest comics, collectibles, and curiosities, don’t forget to give your friends at CONVOKE a visit.  Perhaps you’ve seen our epic photos from Fan Expo 2010?  Well, this year we’ve managed to sneak our inside the convention hall. We’ll be at booth 1901 (near the Autograph Area), so stop on by.

If you’ve managed to stumble to our website from our business cards, head right on over to for pictures (!!!) and updated info on our wheelings and dealings.


FanExpo Update

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Yesterday was awesome.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and let me grab a few pictures of them.  There are a lot to go through, but I’ll try and get a gallery online within a day or two.  Don’t forget to drop me an email ( so I can get your names and send you the rest of the pics.



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Mo Logo Stacked LargeOkay, so I’m not always the most socially conscientious person in the world, but when I found out how I could get behind a good cause like this, I decided to give it a go. So here’s the deets, Movember (portmanteau of Mustache and November) is a worldwide month long awareness campaign for prostate cancer. You can donate, join the CONVOKE team, or get more information from my donation profile. Please help out a worthwhile cause, and I promise to not disappoint.



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lola_rogers_logo_rgbThe London Ontario Live Arts Festival starts it’s fourth annual venture this year. Expanding their offering again, this festival is comprised of both free and paid venues of visual and musical artists. Downtown will be bustling with the likes of akron/family, nomo, and my favorite of the year (and his 2nd performance at LOLA) final fantasy (aka Owen Pallett).

If you’re in the London or surrounding area this weekend I fully advise you to make a stop at Victoria Park for some excellent performances. Or check out the website for a full link to all the venues and a schedule of the event.


We're Back!

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After a overly long hiatus, for various reasons, we’ll be (make that a royal we, I can’t make promises for others) back posting on a regular basis. I’ve managed to place myself back in school for at least another year so I’ll have the time to keep you up to date on the things we do.

Remember to add our RSS feed or follow us @convoke to keep up to date.


Don't mind me…

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Just getting CONVOKE on Technorati (finally!)…


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