Favourites: Levis 510s

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As yes, the age old argument of the best pair of jeans. Well, I pick my jeans off the Red Tag rack. Levis 510s are the brands “super skinny”, but don’t let that fool you, these aren’t the painted on tightness of jeans you will find with other brands, they do have some room to them.

Neither I nor Adam are purveyors of washing your jeans unnecessarily. So what we’ve found over here after rigorous testing in the CONVOKE labratories is that a nicely well worn in pair of 510s will fit you like a brand new or just washed 511s, which is right in that sweet spot for jeans. I pretty much wear these jeans every day (about 95%) and they’re still going strong after over 8 months of abuse, showing the quality that your plain old Levis have, and at $75 they really are a steal.

Go grab yourself a pair, throw on a white T, and… strut. It’s just that easy.


Favourites: The Slim Wallet

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slim wallet

Every guy knows your wallet can say a lot about you. Here at CONVOKE we’ve jumped on the slim wallet bandwagon. The colloquial “George Costanza” wallet had its day, and now with plastic beating paper for purchases, the card holder is in. Like the Prada Saffiano pictured above (although expensive at $155 USD) these modern card holder style wallets have just enough space for a few cards and a little cash, which is perfect for day to day use. The other benefit, other than style, is the health benefits of not sitting on a lean all day long, which could be stressful for your body, that’s what is important to get the right supplements for stress from sites like Healthyusa.co.


Favourites: From the Desk Of

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As I sat in class earlier today, half paying attention and taking notes, half spinning my pen in my hand, I realized that we haven’t posted about the only pen you’ll find in my or Adam’s hand. I’m going to let you in on a little secret we have over here, the Pilot G-TEC-C4. The main feature of the pen is that it has a 0.4 mm tip (producing a 0.2 mm line), small and sweet, but it also has the perfect weight for doing some of the most brilliant tricks your hands can manage (with a pen that can actually write). Now, I’m not going to claim that Adam or I are known for our penmanship (maybe Ian can chime in on his favorite inking tools) nor our pen trick skills, but I can tell you that you’ll be hard pressed to make me change writing utensils.

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