Dota 2 Invitational – All Picked Heroes

Submitted by on August 17, 2011 Gaming

I compiled a grid that includes every unique hero that has been picked at the tournament so far. Let me know if I’m missing anyone.


Dota 2 Hero Portraits

Submitted by on August 17, 2011 Gaming

These were screenshotted from the MYM v M5 game hero selection.  The spectator had his cursor over the Dire portrait the whole time, so sorry for that.  I’ll be grabbing more as the games go on.


Vintage Twitter

Submitted by on November 16, 2010 Design

Kudos to the marketing guy (or girl!) that came up with this concept.  Apparently, these vintage Twitter boxes were given away at a recent web development conference in Sweden.  They contained 500 Post-It notes and a pencil, which is all you really need to get started.  Now you can make inane, 140-character messages about what you’re having for lunch offline!

Speaking of inane, please follow us.


Jessica Hische

Submitted by on November 12, 2010 Typography

Jessica Hische is a Brooklyn based designer with a penchant for typography. Even the design and illustration sections of her portfolio are pretty type heavy. And why not? She obviously gets it, and her letterforms are interesting enough to warrant that kind of emphasis. Plus, she’s a fan of sriracha, so you know she’s got her head in the right place.  If you’re still skeptical of her dedication to lettering, Hische is also running a sweet project called Daily Drop Cap.

This picture (which is destined to be turned into a print, I’m sure) was one of five she created for Friends of Type, which is home to some pretty sweet design in its own right.

VIA: ffffound

Jon Contino

Submitted by on November 9, 2010 Art

This hyper-patriotic gig poster makes Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia look like Red Square.  It’s got everything: eagles, arrows, both stars and stripes, the Illuminati, and like 11 different fonts!

I’ve got a soft spot for hand-drawn type, and Jon Contino really nails it in his work. The roughness and imperfection of the letters really sells these turn of the century styled designs.


Georges Rousse

Submitted by on November 5, 2010 Art

There’s been a lot of anamorphic art circulating lately, and impressive as it is, the process is usually pretty simple.  A fixed viewpoint is established, and paint or materials are added to the scene until the illusion is complete.  This picture by Georges Rousse is the first time I’ve seen someone do the opposite, which is to say actually subtract material from an existing structure.  The result, while structurally unsound, is far more impressive.

More of Rousse’s work at butdoesitfloat and today and tomorrow.


The Dark Lens

Submitted by on November 4, 2010 Photography
the Dark Lens - 1

Not since the Back to the Future II have I wanted something to be true so badly, but despite how legitimate this photo may appear, X-wings are not real… yet.  French photographer Cédric Delsaux is doing a damn good job getting my hopes up with his project the Dark Lens.  It’s a series of photographs that juxtaposes iconic and fantastical characters and vehicles of the Star Wars saga against the only slightly less fantastical backdrop of a burgeoning Dubai.

And it is awesome.  More photos and after the jump.

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Minimalist Back to the Future

Submitted by on November 2, 2010 Design

Will we ever get tired of minimalist movie poster remakes?  Not as long as people like Jamie Bolton continue to produce exceptional posters like these.  Coming up with a simple but recognizable design for a poster is one thing, but to have it apply so elegantly to all three posters in the series is what really sets these apart.

The dots represent the various temporal destinations in the movies.  From left to right we have 1885, 1955, 1985, and 2015, with the fifth, lower dot representing the alternate 1985 where Biff Tannen rules Hill Valley.

You can buy these posters and more via his online store.



Submitted by on October 29, 2010 Art

A truly epic homage to 80s cartoon intros by animator Will Goodan aka the Prime.  I guess that explains the “Primetime, all the time” slogan at the end of the video.  Now if only I could explain everything else.



Submitted by on October 27, 2010 Art

Just twenty four hours ago, I would have been hard-pressed to imagine the love child of the Michelin-Man and a Chia Pet.  Now, thanks to Lucyandbart, I don’t have to.  If it’s not already obvious, the pieces above are actually two photos of the same piece, titled Germination.

Call the collaborative work of Lucy McRae and Bart Hess strange or grotesque, but it is undeniably fascinating.  With works more sculpture than fashion, the duo have been transforming the human body with surprisingly low-tech media like bath bubbles, balloons, and construction paper.

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